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Volunteerism is the practice of making a contribution in service of others, and receiving satisfaction from doing so. As a community-based service-oriented organization, the Health Department, like many such organizations, needs volunteers. This need is even more critical for the Department’s short-term activities such as those supported by grant-based funding. For such programs, volunteers help to sustain program objectives long after funding ceases.  Nearly all of the Health Department’s community partners recruit and utilize volunteers.

Volunteers are utilized in variety of capacities depending on the needs of the host organization. Their assignments or tasks may range from simple to complex depending on the set of skills and experiences they offer.  Although volunteers are not paid, they do accrue some level of benefit apart for the satisfaction they obtain through the provision of their services. For example, being a volunteer is certainly a coveted addition to one’s resume. Yet, some organizations provide a small stipend to cover transportation costs, while others may provide lunch. Quite often, volunteers are honored and recognized for the invaluable services they provide. Ultimately, some transition to part-time or full-time employment. Consider becoming a Health Department volunteer today.


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Funding for this Initiative has been made available by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, Community Transformation Grant for Small Communities (Grant Number 1H75DP004618-01).