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Be a part of the Healthy Revolution

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The Health Department remains committed to fulfilling its mission:

  • to protect the public's health;
  • to assure the availability of access to quality health care services; and
  • to promote individual and community responsibility for the prevention of disease and disability.

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Farmers Market

Affordable Foods

Recipes on the Run are quick, simple, tasty menus now available to county residents. A list of Farmers Markets throughout the county is accessible in our 2014 report. Our Dine and Learn initiative blends nutritional health and disease prevention education. The Prince George's County Food Equity Council works collaboratively with stakeholders to revitalize the local, regional, and national food system and to elevate the voice and connectivity of farmers, low income residents, and others.

Getting Care

Getting Care

Searching for health resources and ways to get health care in Prince George's County? We have some answers for you. Learn best practices about water consumption in Prince George's County. Navigate this section to find out about these and more.

Health / Fitness

Chronic Disease Prevention

Check out our new mobile app. It's here for you to take full advantage of. Our Diabetes initiatives are in full blast. And information about Hypertension and Adult Obesity is available at the click of a mouse. Participate in our Cancer Surveys. Find out more about the new Get the Hookup for Hope 2 initiative. Know that you are not alone.

Healthy Eating, Active Living

Healthy Eating, Active Living

We're making a positive impact on our community through our Mini Grants. The Health Department cares about Partnerships and has numerous relationships throughout the County. We provide Healthy Tips of the Month on a variety of subjects. And our Eat Healthy and Be Active Workshop Series is a fun, engaging program for residents in select zip codes.

Smoke-Free Environments

Smoke-Free Environments

The Health Department works with Multi-Unit Housing throughout the county to establish smoke-free dwellings. In addition, Hospital Campuses demonstrate our ongoing relationship with other healthcare partners to reduce smoking among patients, staff and visitors.

Download: 2014-2015 Health & Wellness Calendar
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Take Part in Breast/Cervical & Colorectal Cancer Surveys
Members OnlyMembers Only - Wellness Plan for Be Healthy, Be Fit - Healthy Eating, Active LiveMembers Only - Wellness Plan for Be Healthy, Be Fit - Healthy Eating, Active Live
HEAL 2014 Farmers Markets Report
Access to Care is in YOUR Zip Code! 20743 - Prince George's County Health Enterprise Zone
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